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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quiet moments

At present I'm plodding through my biggest weaving project yet. There is twenty foot of warp on the loom and hopefully that will be sufficient to make covers for two of these chairs. I am at the eight foot mark, but there are 48 weft threads in every inch so it is not going to be the work of a moment.

The chairs were acquired from a charity shop at £5 each and I have moved the back cushion to show you the spokes and let you know how nice the chairs are. I ought to replace the cushions themselves and not just the covers but that is rather expensive - though at least I wouldn't be weaving that.

The loom is threaded alternately with a brown and red warp of unknown type but seems quite strong. The pattern is Finnish Upholstery weave so I thought it would be appropriate, apart from we are not Finnish - and I certainly won't be finished here any time soon either.

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What we did over Christmas

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I found in the woods.

Watercolour fish

I have changed these fishes' natural colours to please myself and my surroundings.

Well, at the charity shop they had a picture frame and mount of exactly the right colour and almost exactly the right dimensions, look ...


Woven twill rug

Rag rug in woolly jumpers

I've also finished this ongoing project over Christmas.


Botany books

(Two photos, with and without flash).

When I was primary school age I was very interested in wild flowers and knew lots of names and could recognise the common ones and I even kept a book of blank sheets onto which I stuck pressed specimens. Then I went off to my ladies' college (!) and got over it.

Hooray, the interest in botany has returned and I have got lots of reading to do. The Bill Bryson is there purely for alliteration and I doubt I'll have time for him. I started Francis Halle's In Praise of Plants and then took a detour into Botany for Gardeners by Brian Chapon when I couldn't quite believe that plants have two generations. I'm now a believer and back with Halle.

It is all very difficult and I have only got double integrated science o' level at grade C and D - so wish me luck. I am going on a course in the spring to improve my knowledge of all this and I shall tell you more when I can.

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Wall hanging on a rug wool warp and all sorts weft

Meant to be a bit like the sea.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This is an attempt to show the glory of my tablecloth which I wove in one inch squares, in a linen-cotton type yarn. It is a very luminous and lovely blue. I doubled the warp thread at one inch intervals and also doubled the thread in the weft similarly. And it didn't all go awry in the washing so I was deeeelighted. I'll take a bow and thank you.

so sorry to have not blogged since June. been weaving.

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