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Friday, May 15, 2009

Just the plaiting to do now ...

Here is my rug, showing both sides and some close-ups with and without flash. In reality it is quite a lot brighter and vibrant than these pictures suggest.

Some details:-

Sett: 5 epi
Reed: 10s, sleyed alternately and with a floating selvage of doubled ends.
Warp: 10/6 linen.
Weft: 2 ply Axminster rug yarn, used singly for plain weave and four-fold for the pattern.
Width: 36"
Length: 58"

Design based on Peter Collingwood's instructions for four-end block draft (paragraph d on page 319), blocks threaded either 1323 or 1424 - summer and winter pattern.

I based the design on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, which was rather complicated by the pattern being spread over groups of four, and sleyed at 5 epi. I therefore had to multiply the Fib. number of inches by 0.8 to determine how much to weave and keep the weft stripes in the correct proportion.

There is definitely one side of the rug which is superior to the other - the weft was taken up differently by the two pattern blocks, and I could only control it satisfactorily on the side facing me as I wove.

This is a rug for my friend Janice, who is on holiday at the moment - perhaps I shall save some of the plaits for her to do, as a special treat ...



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