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Friday, June 05, 2009

Krokbragt - there was a crooked bag ...

There was a little bit of warp left on the loom after I'd cut the rug free. I used it to try out a krokbragt threading on three shafts. Luckily I could use the same tie-up as for the rug, and that meant that although shaft four wasn't used, I could lift shafts 2 and 4 together and thus make plain weave possible.

Anyway, I was so cock-a-hoop with the pretty little patterns that I sewed it up into a bag. (Sewing isn't really my strong point). And it has a lining, all sewn with rug wool, as is the plaited shoulder strap.

Some day I shall weave a rug in this structure, but mainly in plain-weave with the krokbragt as a border, or maybe isolated patterned stripes.

Making that long plait made me search about on the web for a quicker, easier way to make cords. I hit upon a cord-winder, and then got on to some ply-split web sites, which were fascinating. I think I shall have a go at ply-split braiding next and see what turns out. I just need more time ...

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