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Monday, September 14, 2009

Little house on the patio

This is my new shed. The sun is shining on it, because it is a good trusty shed. And I have now painted it a very dark brown (English Oak, it says on the tin), so it looks like a tea house from Japan. The roof is black onduline - I thought it looked nicer than the felt ones and it should last longer.

One day I will re-do the patio and then I will make a little path leading up to my shed door. Inside, it is very tidy, with all the garden stuff hanging from nails knocked into the walls. I chose the most beautiful shed I could find because it is right outside my kitchen door and I can see it when I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating my breakfast.

You can forgive me, I hope, for my infrequent blogging, when my time has been spent so wisely and productively, hmmmm?

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