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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its curtains for me ...

Perhaps you would like to see how the curtain material turned out -
I'm not keen on sewing so making them up into actual curtains will be postponed for a bit, while I build up my strength.

I am afraid the photos are not good - the true colour is more like the paler photo, and not at all yellow. After washing and ironing the lacy squares are really apparent. Hooray.

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  • At 19 April, 2009 09:38, Anonymous Blue Witch said…


    Don't know if youa aware o9f the free non-registration online workshops curretnly running here: http://wsdworkshops.org.uk/?

    Might be too basic for you though!

  • At 19 April, 2009 22:07, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Blue Witch,

    Thank you for the link to the wsd site. I wasn't aware of this new venture of theirs. I've just had a look at the Peruvian pick up workshop - it certainly wouldn't be too basic for me!

    I shall give this a miss, however, as I've just warped up my big loom for a rug and I'm keen to get on with it.

    Are you going to take part in the workshop, then?

  • At 12 January, 2018 22:42, Blogger kold_kadavr_ flatliner said…


    trustNjesus N win Seventh-Heaven:
    1-outta-1 bites-the-dust.


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