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Friday, February 18, 2005

Transport envy

We have just come back from Paris where we had spent a few days in the bitter cold. I'd been told that everything would seem like a wonderful bargain but (with 1.39 euros to the pound) sadly most things seemed either as expensive as in London or more so.

Of course, the meals we ate in cafes and restaurants were better than we would have got for the same money in England, and accommodation is cheaper too. But I think most of our euros must have gone on coffee and orangina - even with me "going native" and ordering expressos.

One thing we all agreed on about Paris was that the metro system is brilliant! And that the London underground is RUBBISH. We never had to wait more than a minute for our Paris underground train/connections and let me tell you our travels around the arondissements were extensive.

TOURIST AWARDS: Top attraction visited - The Eiffel Tower. Worst bit - the Flea Market at Portes de Clignancourt - at least don't bother going there on a Monday afternoon in February.

BEST THING ABOUT COMING HOME - (apart from seeing doggy again, obviously) - confirmation that I still like my new dining room curtains.

Monday, February 07, 2005


I read in the paper that it is Russel Hoban's eightieth birthday around this time of year - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Hoban!

I read "The Mouse and his Child" to my children several years ago. I think it's probably my favourite RH book and one of my favourite works of literature for children. I read "The Bat Tattoo" a couple of years back and Riddley Walker last year. Do read RW if you haven't yet - I think it deserves its fame/cult status.

A funny coincidence which could be explained in several ways occurred when I borrowed Bat Tattoo from our library. At the same time I borrowed HP Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror and MRJames' Ghost Stories. What a surprise to find both these works in the Bat Tattoo!

Well, shan't go on as University Challenge is on.

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