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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Do sign this petition - here is a link to the Downing Street site. It is to provide a good education for all children, not just those whose parents can afford it.


Helebores of 2008

For Easter we put the helebore flowers in water again and they are as lovely as ever. I noticed that the original plants have surrounded themselves with their progeny - it will be interesting to see what colours they are.


Apron strings

Well it has been a long time, but I couldn't keep this hot news from you any longer.


My loom now has APRONS!!!

I actually put these on last year but neglected to inform you. It was quite a task for someone as useless at sewing as I am, but as you can see, I succeeded in the end.

This is John Lewis' best deck chair canvas and I have had to SEW it and cut it and attach it (using magical powers and some velcro). I cannot recommend my method, as I can't even remember if I had a method, or what I did precisely - I just kind of fudged the whole thing and it seems to work. The aprons surprisingly stay attached to the beams even though they are just balancing in a slot in the beam via a wooden rod - I a complete turn of canvas round the beam appears enough to keep them in place.

However, I think the aprons have helped solve the problems I'd experienced with lumpy cords causing a nuisance on the beam when winding on, and lopsided warps. I raise my glass of whisky mac in pride and optimism. (I've got a cold and the whisky is helping, thank you).