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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Frogs in the pond.

After much worrying that spring would never arrive, it finally did, on Saturday. The frogs have produced their frogspawn and we are all happy and relieved. The pond is full of thrashing, splashing, froggies - the water looks almost like it's boiling. Sadly all this activity did attract the attention of a heron - he left his tell-tale messy scum on the surface of the pond - muck from his heron's feathers.

In case you are interested - here are some dates of when we first noticed frogspawn in our pond - 26 February 2002
28 February 2003
9 March 2004
25 March 2005

Incidentally, photo courtesy of my twelve year-old daughter, Olympusina.

Together, at last.

Hooked rag rug, tu whit tu whoo.

Hooked rag rug, another picture - on its side but maybe the colours show better.

Hello again

Well, in case you were wondering, I've been rag rugging. The cockerel is finished and I'm cock-a-hoop. He's hanging on the wall and has a friend, which I finished much more quickly. These are hooked rag rugs and if I ever do another I will use EXCLUSIVELY old jumpers because woven fabric is just so slow.