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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Harris four shaft table loom

Some of you may have been wondering why I have not blogged for a wee while, and if you have, well thank you, I'm flattered.

I've been struggling to finish my rag rug. This is now on the homeward strait and I will post a photo of the completed work shortly. The edges are proving to be something of an endurance test. A bit like Blue Peter's Gethin on his green beret route march. (I put that in because it is sure to dredge up google interest. I may find some new readers. However, you would not believe how many people came to my site after I wrote about Blue Peter's Gethin and Zoe. I had to change some of my words,ie.a word containing the letters x, s and e and the word bikini as I had many unwelcome hits.

Looking ahead to my next project - I am going to try to learn to weave. I have bought a book on the subject (from America, via Abe books - isn't that exciting?) and a loom, second-hand. I'm currently reading the book and then as soon as the rug is finished I'll get weaving.

Web designers

Heard such a funny thing on Radio 4's Today progamme aujourd'hui. Jim Naughty (yes I know you don't spell it like that but I don't know how you do and I do know how it's pronounced - unlike Ian Botham who clearly doesn't know how to pronounce his name -) ..........but I digress ........... James N introduced a computer man who worked as a web designer onto the programme with the words, "and he's not a spider." Isn't that the funniest thing? If that Jon Ronson were to be re-researching his little newspaper article about why solitary people out walking in the street spontaneously burst into smiles, he might find some of them were thinking of spiders as web designers.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hooked rag rug bulletin and embroidery finished work.

I am sure you will all be fascinated to see my finished embroidery actually hanging on my dining room wall. I am calling it a quilt because I thought it looked better unstretched, although it is quite a small quilt and would only really fit a baby's cot. Of course it would be entirely unsuitable for a cot as it has all sorts of notions that an infant could choke on. It is a mixture of applique and embroidery in wool and cotton, on a background of applied circles painted blue and applied white circles that have been machine embroidered. So there you have it.

The rug is almost finished in the top section - just working on the sky and leaves. But there is plenty left to do around his feet - he'll be standing on a fence. Once thing I've learnt is that wool jumpers and cotton tee shirts are nice and quick (well comparatively at least) to hook, whereas plain woven cotton is slow and silk is slower still. I shall press on.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The answer to the question what do the letters HIJKLMNO represent is available by clicking on the link.