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Sunday, October 31, 2004

eyes, lies and illusions

Yesterday found a fascinated HC looking round this exhibion at the Hayward Gallery in London. I can certainly recommend this exhibition to anyone with an interest in the curious.

I was particularly pleased to see a demonstration of a magic mirror from China. This metal disc reflects an image which is invisible on the mirror's surface. The example shown was not very clear but impressive none the less. There were also some PRISMS - what a treat!

I found I had brought a miniature torch with me in my hand bag and this did actually come in useful as there were some rather dark rooms with people hiding in them. It was also a particularly enjoyable exhibition as the visitors were friendly and chatty about the exhibits - something that does not often happen at your average art show.

Regular readers may have noticed that this is only my second posting. I can only say in my defense that I was temporarily struck "dumb" by a shocking display of natural savagery that took place on my garden lawn at 6pm a few days after the hornet incident. I shall merely hint at the details as I do not wish to relive the spectacle - suffice to say that a heron and a frog were involved and the frog put up a brave fight.

While I am on the subject of horror, I shall tell you that on this Halloween night I have put a sign on my front door to ward off any other visitors, herons etc who have evil intentions. It reads, "NO TRICK OR TREAT". There is still egg stuck on my bedroom window from two years ago - it's better than glue if you're after adhesiveness. Nobody has dared call so far. Apparently there will be extra police patrolling - I hope he catches em.

A good evening to you all, Hamble.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

There was a young man from St Bees ....

Good and gentle reader,

Unaccustomed as I am to public posting, I shall nevertheless endeavour to set out my thoughts to you in this little blog.

It has been a long and eventful day, culminating dramatically in the discovery of a hornet in a pair of tights. I am sure you will be relieved to learn, sweet reader, that they were not my hose - nor was I wearing them at the time. I had merely brought them in from the washing line to be aired and I was alarmed by a frantic buzzing emanating from the laundry.

I believe the hornet to be one of nature's dustmen. I have released him into the garden to get on with the business of clearing away the rotten windfalls that surround my Beauty of Bath.

Sleep well my dear, Hamble.

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