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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wedding cake

We went to our friends' wedding. Isn't this the most beautiful cake you've ever seen? (And it tasted lovely) .

The wedding was beautiful and lovely too!


Next rug.

This is a vivid, glowing blue. Doing my best.


Mat and dog.

Haven't finished doing the fringe, but it did get done.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

First rug

I have nearly finished this, my first rug. It is on a linen 10/6 warp with a two-ply rug wool weft used two-fold. It is in a broken 2/2 twill - two colours ABABA repeat and I have managed to get about 31 picks per inch. I was happy with that because Peter Collingwood says to get up to 40 ppi at this setting but with a straight twill. The broken twill has more interlacements I believe, and I also think my warp is thicker than the one he was describing, so I'm calm.

I had no end of trouble, as usual, and at one point had to resort to re-tying all the ends (see picture) because the back stick was at an angle. The front and back sticks are galvanised metal water pipe that won't bend and are very heavy.

I'll tell you more later, but I'm going to try and finish this today. Must dash. Speak to you soon.


Before and after photos

I took these pictures yesterday - it was a nice sunny day. Once I even saw the dragonfly emerging from its shell, but I was too late herel - this one had finished climbing out and was drying itself in the sun and warming up for take-off.

I think I would like to get a digital SLR camera, as they are quicker, apparently, and they can combat camera shake - very useful for me.

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Finished blanket

Well sorry I've not written to you for a while. Busy weaving, you see. The Brighton honeycomb blanket felted up nice and thick, although its waffle structure isn't very obvious. It got a lot smaller after the fulling but it is big enough to cover a single bed - here it is hanging over a door, to give an idea of the size. Mistakes became less glaring after the finishing, too, thank goodness. The plaits along the top and bottom edges took ages to make - thank goodness for a boring job where no one wants to know what you're doing! (I jest of course, kind employer).