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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Botany books

(Two photos, with and without flash).

When I was primary school age I was very interested in wild flowers and knew lots of names and could recognise the common ones and I even kept a book of blank sheets onto which I stuck pressed specimens. Then I went off to my ladies' college (!) and got over it.

Hooray, the interest in botany has returned and I have got lots of reading to do. The Bill Bryson is there purely for alliteration and I doubt I'll have time for him. I started Francis Halle's In Praise of Plants and then took a detour into Botany for Gardeners by Brian Chapon when I couldn't quite believe that plants have two generations. I'm now a believer and back with Halle.

It is all very difficult and I have only got double integrated science o' level at grade C and D - so wish me luck. I am going on a course in the spring to improve my knowledge of all this and I shall tell you more when I can.

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