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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tieing on a new warp.

I've never done this before, but I'm hoping it will work. I intend to weave another rug using the same tie-up/threading etc as the last, only in different colours that will surely use up the last of my pre-dyed weft yarn. I'm following instructions for tieing on a new warp onto an old warp, from an old "Handwoven" magazine - I will report back on progress, if progress is made.

And while some industriously follow their hobby, others just lie about by the fire.


My third rug

Here is the third rug I have woven, and the biggest, at 3' x 5'. I am truly delighted with it, after a few initial misgivings when it first came off the loom.

You can see both sides of the rug and a close-up. I have plaited the warp ends, after investing quite a bit of some trying out a woven edge and then undoing it all, preferring the plaits.

This rug is for my friend Elizabeth, to celebrate her first class honours degree in English literature from the Open University.