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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Threading the heddles

This is my next project in the throes of the threading process. It is going to be two baby blankets, in overshot - the pattern is "Wandering Vine", aka "Cat Track and Snail Trail", which sounds much more imaginative.

I've just worked out how to arrange the loom so that the threading and reed sleying is more comfortable and won't break my back like it normally threatens to. The shafts are now hanging much further forward, suspended from bits of string in a rather elaborate system of knots, and balancing on a couple of sticks. I'm terrified of making a threading error so I'm going very slowly and carefully as it's an awful trial trying to correct mistakes later.

Jo, a work colleague and neighbour, is expecting twins, so these blankets are for her and hers.

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  • At 10 June, 2009 05:21, Blogger Lynnette said…

    I'm so glad you found me...I love to see what weavers in far away places are up to! Before I got my 12 Shaft Louet Spring I had a huge Scandinavian loom that for years I though was an Oxaback, but at ANWG last week I discovered it was an old Glimakra..who knew! I just know your Overshot blankets will be so appreciated by your neighbour.


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