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Saturday, May 02, 2009


Perhaps you would be interested to see the rug I am currently weaving - unfortunately the photos show that a photographer with a tremor and a digital camera will produce a blurry image. However, I think it does give a fairly accurate idea of the colours and structure of the rug.

I have modified my loom for rug weaving. It has a heavy steel bar strapped to the beater and heavy metal poles for the warp to tie on to, instead of the usual wooden sticks. There are two wooden blocks on the floor between the loom and the skirting board to prevent the loom creeping towards the wall as I beat. And, my favourite adaptation, an extra strong reed which I ordered specially (it has my name engraved on it by the manufacturer!), which should not bend.

I will show a picture of the rug when I have finished it ......... full steam ahead.

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