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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Next rug.

This is a vivid, glowing blue. Doing my best.



  • At 24 October, 2007 02:52, Blogger costlycolours said…

    To see the title Precious Bane and that you began weaving in Jan 06 and that you're involved in education--too many coincidences. I was only looking for advice on the edges of a summer and winter weaving that I am doing--my first. I started weaving in Jan 06--lessons courtesy my husband--and acquired a loom in March 06--not too unlike your newer loom--except no texsolve. Writing to you is the first time I've ever participated in a blog. I'd like to have a continuing conversation if possible. I guess I'll have to start a blog myself so we can chat.

  • At 26 December, 2007 19:50, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Spooooky! There's a lot of weaving in Precious Bane of course. Sorry for the delay - I got a bit fed up with blogging for a while.


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