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Sunday, October 29, 2006

A room with a view of Lake Windermere

Look at the lovely view we had from our window in Ambleside Youth Hostel. We had four nights here and some good weather (and some rain). The staff were helpful and friendly. I can recommend the hostel dinners - locally sourced beef and lamb, tasty meals. Not so keen on children running about at top speed all evening annoying the other guests. The substandard bedding and uncomfortable torn regulation sheet sleeping bads weren't too wonderful either. A room for four with a washbasin (and splendid view) cost £70. Cheaper per night to stay in a holiday cottage for a week but we only wanted part of a week.

Anyway, we found a very lovely-looking cottage in Ambleside at very reasonable rates so hopefully we will be able to book that up for next year.

We are very proud to say that this holiday was enjoyed entirely without the aid of a car. We took the train up to Windermere and went walking every day straight from the hostel door. The traffic in Ambleside is truly dreadful, but once we were away from the centre we couldn't hear it. Of course, the car would have been much cheaper (our rail fare was £160 return for the four of us) but the train was much more relaxing.


  • At 30 October, 2006 12:24, Anonymous Elizabeth said…

    Well how lovely, and very green and brave of you to travel by train. However does this not point out that green travel is only available to the middle classes - if we truly want green travel we should make train travel much less expensive and easy.

    However, having said that I shall be travelling up to London on the train in two weeks time and it will only cost me £17 return. The time I drove up to see my friend was not worth repeating and the train is indeed soothing

  • At 31 October, 2006 16:43, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    You and your middle classes, Elizabeth. How are you categorising us? I know you have flown within England.


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