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Sunday, September 17, 2006

98% perfect.

Slow to put on the loom but quick to weave. This unorthodoxically-coloured baby blanket measures 26" by 32". I thought it was perfect but sadly, after washing it, an error appeared. I had inadvertantly woven two consecutive picks of blue halfway through, instead of alternate red, purple throughout. The mistake shows as a thin purple line and annoys me immensely. I may have to weave a second blanket as I don't know if I could bring myself to hand this over as a present, with A MISTAKE shouting out from its very centre. On the plus side, the weaving is lovely and even; the edges are pretty straight and the fabric itself is lightweight and soft.

Another thing I found unexpectedly difficult was cutting the fringe straight and even. I wanted a very short fringe so that baby's fingers wouldn't get caught. I tried cutting it using a metal ruler as a guide and then using the edge of a table as a guide. Of course all the while the fringe was getting shorter and my mistake allowance dwindling. In the end I called it a day at about an inch but the wool is very springy and mobile. Not easy.


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