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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Knitting Show and a Coincidence

My tickets for the forthcoming knitting and stitching show are, I am informed, in the post. It was at last year's event that I first saw a hand loom and had a little go at weaving a few picks. It was a really good show and I'm looking forward to this next one. I have even bought tickets for one of the fashion shows - the one I have chosen is for final year fashion students to display their creations - I hope they are all unsuitable for the office. My two daughters are coming with me - tickets are only £3 if you are younger than seventeen.

I have now completed my second blanket for a baby. I've not shown a picture because it is exactly the same as the last one, except that it is longer. I was amazed to find it was so much longer as I thought I had measured it carefully and expected it to be the same size as the last one.

Incidentally, a slightly spooky thing happened. After I'd finished the weaving a picture appeared in my head of a page from Deborah Chandler's book "Learning to Weave." It was a photo of some overshot, in exactly the same colours and pattern as my baby blanket. I had actually chosen the pattern from Davison's book and my husband had chosen the colours and he hasn't seen either book, so it was a funny coincidence the work ended up looking so like the photo.


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