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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Missed opportunity

What a shame it was not Jeremy Clarkson driving too fast yesterday.

Driving recklessly, which includes driving too fast, endangers lives - not just the life of the reckless driver. Every day many people are killed in road traffic accidents. Glorifying stupid driving behaviour is wrong. Too many selfish, reckless people have access to cars and drive them on the public highway - they are not going to hire an airfield to emulate the people they see on the TV.

There are many dangerous sports and hobbies - hang- gliding, pot-holing, juggling with knives etc - but none of them equate with dangerous driving. Driving is something most people do every day. It is the skill and care drivers use that governs the degree of risk we are all subject to in our every-day lives.

I do not own a car and I do not drive but I do have to cross the road, walk along the pavement, use public transport and occasionally travel as a passenger in a car. I live in hope that the drivers around me take their task seriously and drive carefully.


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