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Friday, October 13, 2006

(K)NOT in my black yarn

(Yes I know it's really red yarn - don't be such a sawcy pedantique wretch).

The problems I have with my weaving are so numerous it's bordering on the spooky - I seem to have a SUPERNATURAL quantity of weaving-related trouble.

Take this big tangle, for example. This was the middle section of a wide warp I was preparing for another baby blanket. Unfortunately, the pegs on my warping board failed and the warp was not of even length so I decided the best thing to do would be to unwind it and start again. (There is no more yarn left - I used it all up). I mended the board with wood glue and it is nice and sturdy now. The warp, however, struggled against being rewound and turned itself into the mother of all knots. I have now run out of time with this and have put the tangle in a bag to await a quiet moment of patient unravelling.

I'm now at the threading-through-heddles stage with some different yarn. There is a deadline for this project as it is for a baby - and they don't wait.


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