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Thursday, September 21, 2006

House prices

Isn't the cause of a lot of Britain's problems rooted in the fact that houses cost too much here?

It is cheaper to buy than to rent so people buy. Unfortunately the prices are too high for average and below-average earners and both parents in a family are obliged to go out to work. This means that the children are cared for outside of the family and arrangements are often expensive, precarious or unsuitable - frequently all three.

Family life suffers and children's behaviour deteriorates. This is manifested in the classroom. It is a sorry state of affairs and one that would require government action to remedy. Of course that won't happen any time soon.


  • At 28 September, 2006 11:40, Anonymous Elizabeth said…

    Absolutely, but you are looking at it from a 2 parent family/middle class view - there are a lot of people (even ones i know) who didn't get on the property ladder and are still renting/in social housing. Single parents (like myself) had to work, no choice and it was a luxury that before the boys went to school I could stay at home with them. But I realise this is a luxury. But hasn't this always been so? back in the middle ages people had to work on the land and be wet nurses and go up chimneys to make a living - perhaps it was only a relatively small period of history for the lower classes that women could stay at home. Then of course we get into the whole debate about women and working and fulfilling their destiny, which may not be staying at home with children. And the argument that children need to learn self reliance and that a bit of latch keyness is not such a bad thing.

    Very sorry, have been practicising essays and how to waffle on and on...

  • At 29 September, 2006 13:22, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Why do we have to compare everything with historical practices? It is what is good for today's children that should concern us.

    Children are part of every parent's destiny.


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