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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rosepath threading warp has produced a second scarf

I haven't washed this yet as I've got to twist the fringe and that will take ages. If I don't twist or plait the fringe it will go all horrible, matted and felted and we don't want that.

I was quite pleased with how this turned out. It's lovely and thick and soft, maybe a bit too thick perhaps. AND I remembered to put in the binder weft (a plainweave pick alternating with the overshot pick) so the pattern is visible.

I could have done the beating a bit more evenly but I'm hoping it will come right in the wash. I'm saying the irregularity is there because I was still getting used to the new loom. Another problem with this particular weave is that I kept getting loops of weft at the edges, where I hadn't pulled it through adequately. It kept getting caught on the outer warp threads for some reason. Maybe I will darn them in if I can be bothered. Or maybe if I cut them they will be okay in the slight felting process. Incidentally, this is for Olympussina - she chose the pattern.


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