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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Apple chutney

Our lawn is littered with apples. I think many of them are a little premature, with white or non-existant pips - mainly thanks to the high winds of the day before yesterday. The blackbirds and wasps are pleased but my neighbour, rather pointedly I thought, called down from the top of a ladder in her laden plum tree, "Must pick these, I do so hate to see the fruit go to waste."

So to try to make amends, I commissioned eldest daughter Kodakina (I believe I call her in this blog) to make apple chutney. She did so willingly and successfully and I did the bottling and washing up afterwards. I am always glad I decided to spend all that money on a proper good preserving pan a few years ago; it has been a blessing.

In case there are any other saints and martyrs out there, here is the recipe:

2llb apples, chopped small
1lb onions ditto
1/2lb dates ditto
1/2lb white and 1/2lb dark brown sugar
1/2lb sultanas
3/4 pint (0.75) vinegar
1 dessertspoon mustard seeds
Gently simmer the above in a big pan for 2-3 hours and then put into jars with cellophane covers like you do for jam making.

Pour yourself a whiskymac and contemplate the arrival of autumn.


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