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Monday, September 04, 2006

Gap year rant

Following on from my rant against the Duke of Ed. award scheme, here is one against gap year jollies masquerading as charity.

What makes a group of patronising British teenagers think that they can help the poor natives of whichever third world country they're visiting by building them a school/clinic/sports centre, etc? It would be better for these students to hand over the cost of their holiday to the people they wish to assist and stay at home. That way the recipients can carry their own construction work - the local people get some employment and they'll know that the job will be done properly AND there would be fewer of those polluting air miles we hear so much about.

These gap year students often come from the most privileged of backgrounds yet they're quite happy to dress their holiday up as an act of charity and ask individuals/businesses to pay for it for them.


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