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Monday, September 04, 2006

The slow train home

I went to the Pitt Rivers museum on Saturday afternoon to see the weaving they've got on show there. A mistake. I could get nowhere near the displays as the museum was holding a musical instrument making workshop for children of primary school age right in front of all the exhibits. The children were obviously having a fine old time so I left pretty sharpish and instead had a look at a very strange set of paintings of squashed insects that was on display in the neighbouring Natural History museum. Don't rush to the paintings but the museums are lovely.

My journey home is normally all of thirty minutes but this time it took over two hours. A security alert at Reading railway station meant all trains in the London/Bournemouth directions were stopped. The tannoy announcements advised anyone wanting to travel to London to get the bus. Two hours later it was all back to normal again.

It seems this is how travel is these days. Slow and painful.


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