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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hand dyed silk samples

Silk samples following instructions in the Ashford Book of Dyeing, by Ann Milner

Here are the 1g silk samples (five times round the warping mill, as my scales aren't that accurate) I dyed with procion MX from Kemtex. Unfortunately they seem dominated by purple, and that may have been my mistake. The first twenty samples I dyed I'd put the silk in the pot first and only then added the blue dye, then ages later the red dye, and then even more ages later, the yellow. So maybe the blue got to be more dominant, having had first dibs at the silk. Anyway, for the other forty-six samples I got all the dye in first and then added the silk.

There are plenty of mistakes to be made when doing percentage dyeing (I did 2% here, a dark shade), and I made sure I made as many as I could.



  • At 14 January, 2009 14:19, Blogger Dorothy said…

    Isn't there a saying that's something like "he who never made a mistake never learned anything"? Something like that.

    Anyhow, I'm learning by reading of your dye work, thank you!


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