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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Darker evenings

It will be a few days before I can adjust to the clocks going back. Why we persist with such a stupid arrangement I cannot guess. Even our dog objects - she still insists on her Bonio at the old time.


  • At 30 October, 2006 12:26, Anonymous Elizabeth said…

    However I do like the extra hour in bed, that persists being nice for at least 3 days ...

  • At 30 October, 2006 22:05, Blogger roggey said…

    Actually, the clock hoki-pokie we do has shown to reduce the amount of energy we use every year. I'm all for it, to help conserve our resources.

    What really bogs me down is the change up in the spring, takes me a week to get use to it!

  • At 31 October, 2006 16:41, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Each to her own.


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