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Friday, December 22, 2006

White horse machine embroidery

I'm still doing the weaving but ALSO a machine embroidery. This is the white horse at Uffington and is a sort of homage to Eric Ravilious. It is not near completion.

The horse is just paper at the moment and I need to change the tail. I'll probably cut him out of pelmet vilene and hand embroider it in white for texture.

The river/sky is not sewn on and I might add some beads or change it completely. It is from my indigo tie- dyeing project last summer.

The background is woven pieces of acrylic-painted calico I tore into strips, along with some hessian and some silver mesh.

The two photos were taken with and without a flash - the background is quite yellow in truth, so the top photo is more accurate for colour but I notice it is blurred.

Another time I'll post a picture of the rag rug I've just started. Holidays are here. Hooray.


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