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Friday, December 22, 2006

Synchronised digging

For this week, while a new bridge is installed, our road has become the main thoroughfare around here. To coincide with this planned road closure, some other workmen decided to dig up our road to install a non-urgent cable for a project due to complete next summer. To compound their unpopularity these workmen dug through the main gas pipe yesterday and now five hundred homes (including yours truly) have no gas. Fandabbytastic - we've just come to the end of an unusually mild spell to be plunged into bitter cold, both inside and out. and outside is abuzz with the entire traffic for the village, the non-urgent cable layers and gas repair vans.


  • At 22 December, 2006 09:09, Anonymous Blue Witch said…

    You couldn't make this kind of thing up, could you?

    Just so long as they don't all finish for the FOTCR™ at lunchtime...

    Keep warm.

  • At 25 December, 2006 12:45, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Thank you BW, all is back to normal now. The gas men did not seem to celebrate the FOTCR, as you have coined it. They just kept up their quest to bring us the gas.


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