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Monday, December 25, 2006

A Happy Christmas to the great and many

The staff are in the kitchen (granny and husband) dealing with the goose and the sprouts and the parsnips and what not. They are not dealing with the red cabbage as there was a red cabbage crisis in the shops around here.

Hooray - I am delighted to report that our gas came back on yesterday morning. Apparently the entire supply of gasmen had been drafted in to our village to assist and we are all mightily grateful. Thank goodness it wasn't the electricity that was cut off. The gallant men in vans were applauded heartily yesterday evening as some of the villagers ventured out on their annual pagan ritual - blocking the road with sticks and fire as they made their way to the recreation ground where some recreated, no doubt, and also sang carols. (I myself couldn't be bothered to go and stayed at home with the dog. I was wrapping presents and making the dinner, and the dog was lounging around and looking for scraps in the kitchen.

Aha, - a glance at the clock and I think it is about time to offer round this year's new to us drink which is I think called Kir Royale - cassis and fizzy wine (Banrock Station Pinot Noir on special offer from Sainsbury's). I don't much care for white wine or fizzy wine generally but as an aperitif on a special day I think it will be just the thing. Then we've got some Rioja (favourite at the moment) and a sweet pudding wine (Gran Barquero Pedro Ximenez) that you would probably only want once a year. I had been looking for the Banyul Rimages sweet French wine, but unsuccessfully.

Your Good Health!


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