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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Plainweave scarf with a novelty stripe

I had forgotten to post a picture of my last project. It is woven in plainweave, which weavers call tabby, but woven very loosely so it's forgiving of errors in tension. Plainweave is generally considered to be difficult to get right because all your mistakes are on display in this most basic of weave structures. If you don't beat the wefts down evenly you will get tell-tale streaks in your cloth.

I was very pleased with this when it was still on the loom as the novelty boule de neige multi-coloured yarn looked really good with the lime-coloured furry yarn and the black wool boucle. Unfortunately, after washing, the fancy yarn went a bit scratchy and that's no good in a scarf. Still, I think it looks good but probably can only be a scarf as the cloth has such an open weave. It shall go in my collection.


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