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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Waffle weave shawl

A difficult to photograph waffle weave shawl which I just took off my loom today. It took me all week to put on the loom but only a few hours to weave because the weft is put in so loosely. When washed it shrank from 21" to 17" width and from 59" to 48" - that's why the weft is put in loosely. It felted up nicely and is nice and thick.

The story of the troubles I had putting this warp on the loom is long and possibly boring - suffice to say that it involved making the warp too wide for the loom; taking the shafts out of the loom and removing some of the heddles with the warp still threaded through the heddles and through the reed; finding several broken warps and ignoring them as they were generally one half of a two-ply thread; running screaming round the room in dispair but being stoical etc etc. It's a shame the weave structure doesn't show up that well, coz its loverly.


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