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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Are we too many or too few?

Cross again, listening to Radio 4 this morning. Today we are told that we are an ageing and shrinking population - (shrinking in number - the individuals in the population are doing the opposite) - and we should all have bigger families. Yesterday we were told that there were so many of us that there aren't enough houses for us to live in and there won't be enough water for us all to drink.

Part of the answer to this anomaly is that there are a great many of us who live alone. And our ex-partner lives alone too. Everyone is getting divorced and then buying two houses where one previously sufficed. Children have two bedrooms each.

Then there are all the workers from foreign countries who find that the low-paid jobs in this country pay more than the high-paid jobs in their own country. These workers live here in temporary accommodation that would be unacceptable if long-term until they have made enough to make them rich back home. This must put a strain on housing stock here and it must cause low wages to become even lower.


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