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Sunday, June 25, 2006

What to do if a horse fly bites you

A much easier prospect than if you have been bitten by a horse. Though I don't suppose many people are. More likely to be kicked by a horse. Of course if you were kicked by a horse fly you probably wouldn't notice.

I myself was bitten by a horse fly yesterday while on my weaving course - being out in the sticks where all the horse flies live. I was attended to by two non-medically trained people but even so I am entirely free from the usual effects of a horse fly bite. This was my treatment and I cannot recommend it too highly:

As soon as I felt the sting I brushed the creature away - there was a drop of blood on my ankle indicating the puncture site. I applied a dab of anti-histamine cream and then gave six small electric shocks to the area of skin immediately around the bite site. This was from a little gadget I am told they sell in the travel section of Boots the chemists. It was like a mini gas-hob lighter and sounded like one too - you push the button at one end of the syringe-like device to generate a little spark and a small stinging sensation.

Today there is no swelling, redness or itchiness around the bite, though the puncture site is still visible. A swift and remarkable recovery I think. As soon as I can drag myself to the shops I shall buy myself one. I think they are made by Technimed or some such similar.


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