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Monday, October 03, 2005

New Sewing Machine

You will all be pleased to know, that in line with my current obsession, I have bought a sewing machine.

This is the second machine I have owned - the first being an old Woolworth's model that only did straight stitch and cost £14 out of the free paper sixteen years ago. It sadly died last year. I think a recycling project to make an evening bag decorated with a zillion ruffles of plastic carrier bags finally saw it off.

This new one is capable of zig zags and seventeen other stitches. It's a Janome 4618 if you are interested and I got it off the internet for £155 which I expect is an absolute bargain.

I have already mended someone's torn skirt and doggy's pillowcase. I've also zig zagged around my bit of embroidery I'm designing so it doesn't carry on unravelling. Now I'm thinking about making something to wear - just how difficult can that be? Probably VERY if my memories of school sewing classes are accurate. Maybe I shall use the leftover bits of material from some curtains I shortened last year and make a dress for a child. I shall make my own pattern and it will all go to plan and come out perfectly and it will become my daughter's favourite outfit.


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