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Friday, September 23, 2005

HRT Cake

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This is a very filling cake which I am sure would be good for you even if you don't feel the need for HRT and maybe would even be enjoyed by men. Of course, I am far tooooo young to be concerned with HRT but I do like this cake and I find that for my lunch I only need one large slice and a banana and I am happy for at least three hours. Then I need feeding again. Since I have been eating this cake I have become wonderfully slim (admittedly this has been in addition to dog walking, though the badminton matches in the garden have ceased), and I HAVE BECOME IMPOSSIBLY BEAUTIFUL, with thick glossy hair; perfectly smooth, glowing skin; glittering eyes; a lovely smile which compliments my fascinating conversation and charming personality.

HRT Cake recipe:

100g of each of the following:

soya flour

wholemeal flour

rolled oats


50g of eachof the following:

pumpkin seeds

sunflower seeds

sesame seeds

flaked almonds

2 pieces stem ginger (finely chopped)

half tsp each ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon

225g raisins or any other dried fruit

Mix all the above.

Add 425ml soya milk and 1 tbsp malt (although I left this out as I couldn't find any).


Leave for half an hour.

Put in a medium loaf tin.

Cook at gas mark 4/180 degrees for about one and a quarter hours.

I think you could add honey or molasses or even apples, etc. It is very nice with butter. I believe you are supposed to have a slice a day if you are using it as HRT.



  • At 03 October, 2005 18:18, Blogger Nick said…

    Sounds delicious - do you think it would be safe for a (deceptively youthful) bloke to consume?

  • At 04 October, 2005 22:29, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    I should think you would reap only benefits from the consumption of this cake. Some of my male friends have even reported that they have gone up a bra size after incorporating it into their diet.

  • At 04 October, 2005 23:44, Blogger Nick said…

    I'm not sure my slim & boyish figure is ready to become quite so lusciously voluptuous, but will keep you informed . . .


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