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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Go and tell Lord Grenville....

that the tide is on the turn. It's time to haul the anchor up and leave the land astern.

Well, maties, I've just had a lovely weekend in Bournemouth, hometown of Al Stewart and my old school friend Elizabeth, whose hospitality I availed myself of. Sadly, I could not entirely shake off feelings of guilt for leaving my family in Reading but I did try.

We had a lovely Saturday with perfect weather, walking along the coast to Worth Matravers, where you can sit outside the pub (which squarely encompasses all that a pub should be) and look over fields to the big sploshy sea. And have a drink and a packet of crisps.

It pains me to have to admit that Elizabeth and I spent the evening binge drinking. We shared a bottle of Frascati to wash down the watercress soup, mackeril with a lemon and coriander cream cheese filling (she said she'd invented that all by herself), and unnecessary rocket salad with lardons considering we also had French beans (from my garden) and new potatoes baked with oil and rosemary and some of those lardons I mentioned earlier, then fresh pineapple in a state of perfection, and finally some very high percentage plain chocolate that Elizabeth did not like but I did. One bottle is apparently too much for us girls, despite the fact that neither of us is as slim as we'd have chosen to be, and so surely we have a bigger volume add the alcohol too.

We started watching a DVD her 18 yr old son (I know they're not all inconsiderate and lazy but...) had - he went to his all-night party though who would blame him for that?. The film was The Matrix and I had to ask for it to be terminated as I was suffering extreme boredom/confusion. I said I thought the plot idea owed a lot to Shakespeare's template in The Tempest, as John Fowles' The Magus does, but E. was not convinced.

My journey home was smooth and uneventful as was my journey out - amazing, considering I was travelling courtesy of Virgin trains. It is very pleasant to travel relatively long distances by train. You can look out of the window and just let your mind wander idly, or you can get out your sewing and get quite a lot done and be pretty damn pleased with your work.


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