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Thursday, September 08, 2005


First day back for our choir after the hols. I realised just how out of my depth I am. When I first joined this choir we sang simple three-part songs and were led through our notes with tender care. (No audition to join, obviously).

Now, three years down the line, we are over a hundred strong, with some very clever singers. We do all sorts of complicated stuff (at least I find it complicated). And unless I PRACTISE at home (which I don't), I'm pretty well lost. (It is made more difficult by my being an Alto, - they generally don't get the tune to sing - the sopranos get that).

Still, we do get a glass of wine half way through, which I think helps my fellow choristers. We are singing, inter alia, two of my favourite numbers - California Dreaming and The Rhythm of Life, in addition to our big serious thing coming up at Dorchester Abbey - The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins.

And being in this choir means I now have a tenuous connection to fame and glamour. Our conductor, Dr S., was with her church choir visiting Lincoln Cathedral, apparently, where they were talent spotted by the people filming the Da Vinci Code (with Tom Hanks), and they are ACTUALLY in the film, singing. Hey!


  • At 09 September, 2005 13:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Goodness though, isn't fame an ephemeral thing? And not being able to step outside your front door is surely not something to aim for? I am sure you have a wonderful voice, although probably not quite as good as mine....

  • At 10 September, 2005 22:42, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    anon -

    it's true, I do have a lovely voice, I'm just unsure what notes to sing with it. However, although no doubt your singing is splendid, I'm pretty confident that eight out of ten people would prefer my voice to yours.

    Fame isn't always ephemeral, sometimes it can endure for centuries. It is true I would hate not to be able to step outside my front door, but it is interesting to have a connection to that world.

    Perhaps you are a famous person and that is why you have chosen to be anonymous. You could make up a name for yourself and then I would recognise you if you should be kind enough to comment again.


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