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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Tate Britain A Picture of Britain Exhibition

What a busy connoisseur I've been. Today I met Jon and Rachel (by arrangement) to see this exhibition .

I did enjoy the pictures, and was pleased to see they'd included two by Eric Ravilious. But the exhibition did seem to me to be a bit dull and uninspired. There was not much that made you step back and look again. There was nothing that seemed to speak about NOW . We asked ourselves, where were the landscapes with a nuclear power station in the distance; where were the portrayals of motorways and motorways being built? Where were the big statements and questions? It was all rather conservative, as I could have guessed it would be.

And in the shop there was nothing about my current favourite, Edward Bawden and the Ravilious postcards had all gone. I did find a new(ish) magazine that caught my eye called Illustration. It had some interesting pieces on Bawden and I read it on the train home. You will be pleased I am sure to know that both trips in and out of London were nothing less than PERFECT - no hanging around waiting for trains, just a seamless flow of joined up transport.


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