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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Synchronicity experiment

I thought I would conduct an experiment.

I have noticed that coincidences for me happen in multiples. So for example, while I was trying to find a piece of music on the computer, I simultaneously heard that very piece being played on the TV. This was a coincidence that occurred in the same week that I borrowed from the library three books, two of which were mentioned in the third (to be precise, MRJames' Mezzotint and HPLovecraft's Dunwich Horror, mentioned in RHoban's The Bat Tattoo). And there were a few other things of that nature that I cannot now recall.

Anyway, this week I notice the coincidences are happening again. So my experiment is this:- I've been thinking about the song McArthur Park (not sure why, but I do like this song). I've not heard mention of it in ages, and it hasn't been in my mind for ages too; so if BBC2 decide to do a programme on JWebb/RHarris, or someone chooses it for their desert island disc, or if a horse of this name wins the 3 o'clock at Newbury THEN I'LL KNOW.

Of course, I've had plenty of other things on my mind, and I just picked that one randomly. So that can be part of the experiment too. Perhaps I could have just one more - I've been remembering a film I saw when I was at primary school, aged ten, and I've not seen it since. It was called The Red Balloon. Indelible.


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