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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Weaving music

Currently my favourite CD is The Pentangle's "Basket of Light". I thought I would not like this group as I don't generally like folk music (although I do like Bert Jansch). I first heard their music on Desert Island Discs a few months ago, when Light Flight was chosen by the artist Rachel Whiteread.

My favourite song on the album is "Once I Had a Sweetheart", mainly because I like the way the sitar gets all loud and twangy. And there's a really good bit in "Train Song", in between the verses.

I always think this record would be good for weaving to as it comes from that era (late sixties/early seventies) when hand weaving was beginning to become popular. (I could be wrong about this. I'm just making it all up here. The BBC series The Craft of the Weaver was shown in 1980).

I admit I push the fast forward button for the Dirge and Sally go round the roses. There aren't many LPs which don't have at least one duff song. I shall try to think of some.


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