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Thursday, August 10, 2006

New bag from old rag

Hey, I can't believe I made this bag all by myself and no-one to help me. I am so proud. When I was at school I was the class dunce in our needlework lessons.

I'd just finished making the bread yesterday afternoon when I suddenly felt the urge to make this bag. So I just did - no patterns, tape measures etc etc, I just cut up two old curtains left from when I'd been collecting from jumble sales for rag rugs and got sewing.

I drew round the base of a vase seven times to get the flower shape. It reminds me of the young person with a magic daisy on her frock from a comic I used to read. Maybe it was Twinkle for little girls. I noticed, long after Euclid, that the six circles fit exactly round the central circle. Magic. My oldest daughter told me she'd noticed that years ago when arranging her Smarties, as one does, prior to eating them.

The flower is stuck on with iron-on Bond-a-web or some such. I would have sewn it on, but the applique was an after-thought and I should have done all that prior to making up the bag. Next time. It's a learning curve.


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