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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Me 'n my millions

I am glad the Enron 3 have gone off to America to face the courts there, despite all the bleating about their human rights. Judging from the many recent famous failures to convict here (eg. Maxwell), there would be no chance of the British legal system being able to cope with their case. The rich and corrupt wheelers and dealers seem to be looked after, maybe even protected, over here. It looks like the British Government would rather not get involved in cleaning up a system that is no doubt supporting a lot of towering but rotten edifices.

It seems that the super-wealthy who have so often made their fortunes through dealing with and taking risks with other people's pension funds, other companies' assets etc etc forget that money does not grow on trees and for every super-wealthy person there will be a great many super-poor.


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