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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is the train to Bournemouth

This is the passenger, tired and bored, who awaited the train for Bournemouth.

Virgin trains cancelled my train on Friday. The next one was due in an hour. When it arrived I got on and heard the announcer declare that it would only be going as far as Southampton - due to technical problems. I could stay on the train and change at Southampton or I could get the next direct train which would arrive in ten minutes.

Reader, the announcer lied, and the next train was half an hour late. So I arrived in Bournemouth one hour and forty minutes later than I had imagined.

I thought it was a cheap fare. Just shows there is no such thing. (My return journey was uneventful, you'll be relieved to learn). And there was a nice new loom waiting for me at home.


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