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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New loom

Here you see my new loom. It is a Leclerc Artisat (a jack loom) and as soon as I have finished the very long warp on my table loom I shall have a look and see how it works.

I believe it has all the things you need to warp it up in sections so I might have a go at that, or I might ignore that for the initial foray.

It is an improvement over my table loom in that it is 12" wider, at 36" and it has pedals (called treadles), which should make weaving quicker. It can fold up, too, which is useful.

One day I would like a proper countermarch rug loom, with more shafts. But they are ENORMOUS, so this is a good inbetweentimes loom until I am absolutely sure.

The other good thing is that this loom cost me less than £100 and was LOCAL - a great benefit.


  • At 01 August, 2006 13:07, Anonymous Elizabeth said…

    All of a sudden I can see your photos at work!! What a big one. It seems to me you need a workshop in the back garden, perhaps in place of the vegetable plot..

  • At 06 August, 2006 14:36, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Elizabeth - that sounds like a splendid idea. I am so pleased you can see my photos now. You will be delighted I am sure.

  • At 27 October, 2006 00:48, Blogger Jane said…

    Oh how lovely for you! I have a 45" LeClerc Nihilus II jack loom that is the inanimate love of my life. You will be so delighted.

    I just recently did your opposite in that I was on a quest for a table loom to work up samples and smaller projects. Just found mine and am anxious to get it dressed.

    Hooray for your new loom!


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