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Friday, October 21, 2005

Schools with specialist status

My last comment prompts me to say SPECIALIST STATUS SCHOOLS - WHAT A STUPID IDEA. What is the point of a school being, for example, a specialist languages centre if students (post-16 year olds) who are particularly keen, talented etc in languages are unable to go there because they do not live within the school's catchment area?

Schools are desperate to gain specialist status because it brings them in extra money apparently, in the form of the government matching the required £50,000 that the school must raise itself. Our local school wants to be a specialist drama school which I think is absolutely ridiculous. My daughter attends her school because it is our local school and the only one she can get to, not because she wants to improve her acting skills.

All the subjects should be taught especially well at all schools. School children are entitled to receive a good education in all the subjects on the National Curriculum whichever school they attend.


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