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Saturday, October 08, 2005


I had occasion to ring my old university yesterday where I studied for my primary school teacher's certificate. I could only find one bit of paper with the phone number on in my files, so I rang it.

I'd expected to be put through to the main switchboard, from which I could ask to be transferred to their administrative department or whatever they call it. Unfortunately, I got straight through to my former tutor.

I tried to get him to put me straight through to the office, but he, being a helpful fellow, tried to discover first the exact person I needed to speak to by questioning me closely about the reason for my call. I ended up having my name extracted rather painfully and then I was obliged to offer up reasons why after all his time and trouble and government expense I was back where I started as a teaching assistant and not a teacher. Still, he made kind and sympathetic noises and we agreed that maybe one day I would use the qualification more practically.

I felt I'd made a complete ill-mannered prat of myself on the phone by not identifying myself straight away, but there we are. And I did at least get the bit of paper I wanted, from an astonishingly efficient administrative department. I've put a marble in the jar for them.


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