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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The greatest challenge facing man

Hah! Prince Charles has been interviewed by what seemed like a rather sycophantic BBC "Environment Corespondent" and the result was broadcast this morning on Radio 4's Today programme. Prince Charles said he wants his farm to be carbon neutral. However, the interviewer (who laughed hysterically whenever the Prince made a joke) failed to ask her subject (ho ho) if he drove a gas-guzzling car, or if he travelled frequently by plane, or if he lived in a house too large for his needs and heated it all, or if he indulged in excessive consumerism - buying new clothes and STUFF unnecessarily. If he could honestly answer these questions in a way that would make us look up to him and say, "Yes, this is what we should all be doing," he might earn some respect. However, the interviewer only asked him about his farm, which I am sure the nation's farmers will look to as a beacon in the night. I do admit to buying PC's Duchy Originals bacon and sausages - often because this is the only organic or free-range range for sale in the supermarket. I expect other organic farmers don't get their products on the shelves quite so easily.

PC also made a bit of a howler when he spoke of "farmers, and their wives"!!! Perhaps daughters of farmers don't get handed down the family farm - it still goes to the sons.

Which makes me think of what could be construed as a rather unkind question the interviewer put to the Prince. She asked him about his self-avowed liking for mutton.


  • At 27 October, 2005 10:03, Blogger Nick said…

    Fnah fnah . . . I too heard this appalling interview, half-awake, but the double meaning of the mutton question ncompletely passed me by: well spotted.

  • At 29 October, 2005 15:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I saw Prinny interviewed on the news and the interviewer was indeed hanging on his every word in a most breathless fashion. I am entirely in agreement with your views on this matter, indeed had a conversation with mater and pater discussing those double standards that he seems to have. If he were only a more down to earth less pampered individual we might respect his views more. Changing the subject it is windy and blustery here in Cornwall, NORTH Cornwall to be exact. I do hope this finds you and yours well. Hope to see you soon,
    R from Cornwall


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