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Monday, July 18, 2005

A blast from the past

This is the little wooden dove/pigeon I told you about earlier. He is looking at a pretty pebble someone rather naughtily stole from a beach.


You will be sorry to learn, I am sure, that the wren's baby died. I think he left his nest too soon and succumbed. I'd like to point out that when I moved him up to the branch I wore gardening gloves, as I have heard that sometimes the mother rejects her baby if it smells human. Who knows?

I was very pleased to hear a piece of music today I'd not heard for at least two decades. I had only partial success downloading it from the internet but even so it was a thing of joy for me. The music was Peter Howell's (?) "Greenwich Chorus" (BBC Radiophonic Workshop), written for Jonathan Miller's TV series "The Body in Question". I remember so enjoying that programme and wonder if it is really true that TV was so much better in the seventies and eighties than it is today. I was thinking this while watching Michael Palin's latest offering, a programme about a "Mystery" concerning the Danish painter Hammershoi. I found the programme almost insulting in its infantile presentation. It would make a nice introduction to the artist for a group of primary school children. On a more positive note, there are lots of great comedy series now - Black Books (set in a bookshop), Beast (set in a vet.'s), Chalk (set in a school), Little Britain (set in a Britain - and its always lovely to hear Tom Baker's voice - another echo from my TV-watching youth). Of course, Radio 4 stays just as good as ever (in my opinion), though I've given up on The Archers, after many years' devoted listening.


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